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Things Only Violinists Understand

Violins are some of the most beautiful instruments around and produce gorgeous sounds — which is why you’re so proud to play it. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some unpleasant realities that go along with choosing that instrument. As a violinist, there a few things only you understand.

One of your hands is much more dexterous than the other.

The hand you use to finger the strings of your violin seems worlds more useful than your bowing hand. If you use your right hand on the strings, even when you’re not practicing or playing, your left hand can seem almost useless compared to the right.

Rosin gets everywhere.

There is no real explanation why, but rosin has this innate ability to get all over your case, hands…everywhere. And it’s not like the stuff is easy to clean up — every violinist knows how messy and sticky it can be.

You can never have long nails.

Forget all the beauty cute trends on Instagram — you’re a violinist. You are strictly limited to short, clean nails. Long nails don’t let you get nearly a good enough grip on the strings on the neck of your violin.

You’ve put your shoulder rest on backward all the time.

No matter how long you’ve been playing, you still put your shoulder rest on backward all the time. And every time, you’re surprised as if you didn’t get it wrong a few days prior. Oh well — it’s still funny!

Your violin is like your child, and you must protect it.

Any time your family member or friend asks if they can play your violin to “try it out,” you feel the instinct to protect your instrument. Who knows if they’ll mishandle the bow or scratch the wood?! If you do let other people play it, you watch them like a hawk to make sure they’re not hurting your violin.

“Orchestra face” is too real.

Since your chin sits on the shoulder rest, it’s pretty hard to smile when you’re playing, and you’re left with a stone-cold glare know as “orchestra face.” But it’s fine — if you’re wearing that face, it just means you’re super focused on playing.

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