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How to Fit Music Into Your Busy Schedule

For a lot of people, the biggest excuse to miss out on learning an instrument is time restraint. Kids are often involved in many activities including sports, academic clubs, and dance lessons. Parents will worry about the commitment music lessons require. However, music lessons can be extremely beneficial to social and motor development, self esteem growth, and can open up opportunities for the future. With the help of a great music school and a little bit of time management, keeping music in your life is very possible.

First, you need to find a place for music lessons that will be able to accommodate to your schedule. Grace Music School, for example, can offer music lessons in two locations with openings throughout the day.  Music lesson lengths also vary to fit in your busy schedule – Grace Music School offers 30, 45 and 60 minute lessons.

The second piece would be finding time for practice. The best thing about this, is that practice is entirely dependent on yourself. Finding 15 minutes a day could be all it takes. As long as you stay diligent with finding that small bit of time, you will be doing all you need to.

Keeping music in your life is about more than just knowing how to strike a bow on a cello or what keys to press on a piano. It’s about having a skill that allows you to express yourself! It keeps your life full of art and beauty. You can play music at any age and for your whole life.

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