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How to Choose An Instrument to Learn

Fall is a good time to try a new instrument. But, how do you choose? There are thousands upon thousands of instruments in the world. If we narrow it down, there are anywhere from 22 to 30 instruments in a traditional western orchestra. At this point it’s time to ask yourself some questions.

First, what do you want to listen to? If you like the warmth of a reed instrument’s woody sound, then consider a clarinet. Elevator music fan? Piano or sax. Boisterous rock music fan? You may be a drummer at heart.

But, also, what do you want to take the time and dedication to learn? Proficiency in a musical instrument takes a significant amount of practice and education. Would you rather take piano lessons tinkering with scales for hours at a time and perfecting your ambidexterity? Would you enjoy guitar lessons and building up callouses? Would you get a headache after an hour of drum lessons?

Take the time to reflect upon what you really want to dedicate your time to. Make sure you love your instrument! And, if you don’t, there are always more to try.

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