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Drum Lessons at Grace Music School on Long Island

Melville / Fort Salonga
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Drummers set the beat for the entire piece of music. As a drummer, your playing will influence the beat, speed, and intensity of a song, affecting not only those involved in the piece, but also those listening to it. If you want to be a exceptional drummer, taking drum lessons at Grace Music School will help you get there.

Drum Teacher Lesson Highlights


Education on the types of pieces in a drum set and the tone that each has


Best practices for combining both hand usage and peddle


Techniques for playing each type of drum


Timing and hitting patterns

Drum lessons at Grace Music School combines key aspects of percussion into a customized program for both practice and study. Students can select the style of music they want learn and will be guided to learn new repertoire and techniques with a variety of technical exercises designed to improve speed and comfort.

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