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Here’s why we believe Grace Music School is your best choice!

Grace Music SchoolOther Music Schools
Students can choose additional group classes that support and reinforce their private studies.YES!?
Sibling discounts up to 20% are offered.YES!?
Students can participate in FREE low-pressure concerts, recitals several times a year.YES!?
Students can choose between many professional, university trained teachers to fit their personality and learning style.YES!?
Families can take lessons in multiple instruments at the same location saving travel time.YES!?
Families can schedule multiple family members at the same time to avoid hours of waiting and driving between different lesson providers each month.YES!?
Students get to learn and perform on Steinway and Sons designed pianos.YES!?
Online Support, up-to-date events calendars, reminders, newsletters – all to help you keep abreast of important dates and student activities.YES!?
A free picture of the student and their instrument by a professional photographer.YES!?
Recital space made available to students at no cost to give concerts and recitals.YES!?
Superb administrative staff ready to assist you and answer your questions.YES!?
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