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Choosing Between the Cello and Violin

January 6, 2018
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If we asked you to name instruments in the string family, the violin and the cello are probably the first two you would think of, as these are typically the most well-known. If you’re interested in playing one of them, it’s important to know the differences between the two in order to make a decision. When it comes to choosing between the cello and violin, here’s what you should keep in mind.



Lower Register: A lot of musicians like that the cello’s register and tonality are lower than a violin’s.

Repertoire: Although it may not seem like it, there are still many pieces meant for the cello, so you will not be short on works to play.

Musician Demand: Since there are not as many musicians who study the cello as compared to the violin, they are usually in higher demand when it comes to filling spaces in professional ensembles.


Size: As you may guess, the cello’s larger size does act as a drawback for some musicians, especially for younger musicians whose case may be the same size as them.



Practicality: Especially when you’re just starting out as a musician, violin offers a lot of practicality since they are often cost less than a cello.

Size: Since they are the smaller of the two instruments, violins are easier to travel with.

Repertoire: Violins have been one of the most popular instruments for close to 400 years, so you have an endless amount of pieces to choose from to play.


Competition: Since violins are so popular, many people play them, and it is usually more competitive to earn high ranking spots in ensembles.

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